Bolt consultancy

#1 Consultancy for Accelerators

Welcome to BOLT Consultancy, where event management and consultancy converge to unlock boundless possibilities. With our dynamic hybrid approach, we redefine the way government and corporate entities realize their ambitions. From delivering knowledge-based conferences to orchestrating world-class events, we combine agility, expertise, and a global network to create transformative experiences. Join us as we ignite innovation, drive growth, and shape the future on a global scale. Explore the extraordinary at BOLT Consultancy.

BOLT Consultancy, based in the UAE, brings the blend of event management and consultancy to another level. Our hybrid approach allows for us to work on complex programs or projects for government and semi-government entities.


Established in 2020, we have produced knowledge-based conferences and world-class events for clients in government and the private sector. Known for our agility, we are trusted with creating, planning and managing projects and platforms on a global scale. 


Global Innovation Hackathons

Each hackathon we organize has a unique theme, industry specialist mentors, judges and prizes. Our events usually takes place over the course of 54 hours, we have delivered online and in person events for the likes of MoHAP.

Accelerator Programs

We design accelerator programs for government clients who are looking to source, train, scale and fundraise for their startups. Our portfolio companies include companies like Reedz, Sarwa and Pure Harvest.

Event Management

End-to-end management of workshops designed by our clients, or otherwise designed by BOLT's key experts. Our innovation workshops are led by some of the leading facilitators in the innovation ecosystem.

Business Model

– MENA operations

– Government-focused

– Access to a global network of experts

Operating Model

– Ominchannel delivery

– Multi-lingual experts

– International presence

Learn & Grow

– Our offerings

– PoC with partners

– Access to funding, technology or even space

Target Audience

– Startups idea to mid-stage

– Innovative companies

– Private to public as well as government partners