The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator
celebrated its first

Virtual Demo Day

on 26 May 2021 for the 3rd graduating cohort

The MBRIF is a federal initiative conceived and launched by the UAE Ministry of Finance (MoF). The initiative seeks to identify and nurture high potential innovations both within the UAE and abroad. It aims to enhance the growth potential of innovative businesses and shape the future of the UAE’s economy.

Listen to a series of pitches from 14 of the most innovative and disruptive companies from around the world in case you missed the event!

Welcome by

Shaker Zainal

Head of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

The MBRIF Success Story

Abdallah Abu Sheikh

CEO & Founder, Rizek


Leveraging the most advanced machine learning technologies, AITRICS has developed VitalCare, a predictive healthcare solution for sepsis and mortality.

A Real Estate Digital Bank that creates value for landlords & tenants by consolidating Real Estate activities and analyzing spending behavior.

Alesca is an agricultural technology company that develops precision farming solutions and turnkey indoor vertical farms to improve the productivity, efficiency, and predictability of food production by up to 10x

A next-generation live interactive game streaming platform, built by and for the gaming community.

Replacing inefficient communication and knowledge sharing channels with short peer reviewed audio and video messages.

A B2B platform for hotel content distribution

Letswork is a marketplace that connects individuals and teams to shared workspaces, private offices and meeting rooms near them.

On-demand video crowdsourcing application and platform from Lebanon

Northladder is a reverse auction engine for second-hand shops to compete in real-time bidding for the highest price to offer to the customer with the lowest profit margin to buy it back.

Providing an analytical platform that aggregates genetic and multi-omic data for disease diagnosis in infants, aiding in advanced prognosis, therapy selection, and future drug development for rare diseases.

Enables medical consultants to provide context into patients’ DNA & Blood test results in light of their self-reported health information

Shorages helps e-commerce brands launch in the MENA market by offering them a full suite of warehousing and fulfillment services.

Creator of a concentrated solar power solution

The MENA’s Leading AI Chatbot Platform

WeWork, One Central
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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