Section 1: General

Why was BOLT established?

To enable and support the launch and growth of MENA-based startups by leveraging proven global best practices. Our aim is to support startups from idea stage to late stage through our specific events.

Does BOLT operate internationally?

We do not have physical locations outside of the UAE for the time being. In terms of hosting events virtually, we offer this service today. 

What is the BOLT Identity?

The BOLT Identity stands for Business Model, Operating Model, Learn & Grow and Target Audience. We believe this methodology uses the latest lean design thinking methods to help businesses become more successful and ensures their sustainability beyond our events.

Does BOLT fund businesses?

No, we do not directly fund businesses.

What benefits does BOLT offer to startups?

BOLT’s technology partners as well as corporate sponsors offer great value in terms of perks to startups depending on the event. We tailor pick each perk for participants depending on the event.

Where is BOLT located?

Our offices are based in WeWork One Central, 8th floor, Building 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Does BOLT offer a co-working space?

No, we do not have a co-working space.

Does BOLT propose bespoke events?

Yes, each event differs depending on the theme.

Do I maintain my Intellectual Property [IP] at BOLT events?

Yes, we sign a disclaimer with all the attendees as well as sponsors to ensure that all Intellectual Property is yours.

What are BOLT’s offerings?

    1. Hackathons
    2. Workshops
    3. Programmes

Section 2: Hackathons

How are the hackathons organized? Online or offline?

Depending on the event type, we will specify whether it will take place online or offline. In the current climate we may have to shift any event online to ensure the safety of all participants. We will notify of the above changes 7 working days before the event.

What should I expect to happen once I complete a BOLT hackathon event?

Once you complete a hackathon with BOLT we will send you a reminder email about any prizes or perks that you may not have claimed and we will keep you informed of our next events.

How do I reclaim my prize after a hackathon?

We will send over all the instructions via e-mail on how to redeem your prizes.

What if I want to cancel my ticket after I’ve already purchased it.

You can cancel your ticket through Eventbrite, please be informed that there might be a small penalty fee for canceling your ticket which will be stated at the checkout.

How long does a hackathon event take place for?

Hackathons that take place offline can take place for up to 48 hours. Hackathons that take place online can take place over the course of five days. We will specify all the details on the event page under the agenda.

How do I apply to a BOLT hackathon?

Click on the Eventbrite link and it will navigate you through the entire application process.

What prizes does BOLT offer during a hackathon event?

Depending on the event, each sponsor will offer a different perk ranging from technology solutions to marketing material, to physical goods and for some competitions cash prizes.

Why should I participate in a hackathon event?

The perks are endless at hackathons. If you’ve never been to one, ask anybody who has been they are super fun! Freebies, cool people, incredible entrpreneurs, mentors and the list goes on. If you’ve ever had an idea to start your business this is the perfect place to start.

What type of participants/audience take part in a hackathon event (who can participate)?

The participants range from entrepreneurs, business people, designers, developers as well as people from a specific industry who want to compete.

Section 3: Workshops

What is the structure of a BOLT workshop?

The workshops can range from a few hours to an entire weekend. In some situations, there will be a workshop series with a specific mentor that will cover a certain topic over a longer period of time. All sessions can be conducted either online or offline.

What are the topics offered in a BOLT workshop?

Each workshop will differ in terms of theme, type of workshop and mentor delivering the session.

Are workshops paid or free?

This depends entirely on the workshop. We will state whether the session is paid or free on the website as well as at the checkout page. We can support with reimbursement forms for your company in case you can have them expense the session.

Who are the mentors that offer the workshops?

All of our experts have been selected based on their expertise and the type of session that we feel is relevant for startups across different industry.

How can I attend a BOLT workshop?

All you have to do is checkout your ticket on the link and we will share all the details with you via e-mail.

Section 4: Programmes

Should an individual submit or is it only for businesses?

Depending on the nature of the programme certain ones will be catered to idea stage others early stage or late stage companies. We will mention all the details on the events page.

What is a capacity building programme?

Catered to nationals to support them in developing their business ideas.

What type of programmes are offered by BOLT?

BOLT offers accelerator, capacity building, as well as post-care programmes

How can I submit an idea for a programme?

We will offer a link for you to apply for each programme and we will mention the details to ensure you are eligible to apply.

Section 5: Mentors, judges and sponsors

How can I become a BOLT mentor?

Please apply on the Careers page.

What type of mentors is BOLT looking for?

We are searching for mentors that can offer their expertise to startups that are domain specific or that have technical expertise.

What are the expectations/rewards from the mentors?

Our expectations from the mentors would be to be able to support the startups throughout various programmes and give back with experience and know-how to help support them grow.

How are the judges and mentors selected for each event?

Depending on the theme and the technical experience required for the event we will recruit the mentors individually. Most of our judges will be handpicked from the startup ecosystem or otherwise to help vet as well as offer support to startups development beyond the event.

How can I become a BOLT sponsor?

Depending on the theme of the event please reachout to aya@boltconsultancy.io to discuss sponsorship packages.

What type of sponsors are BOLT looking for?

We have four different offerings ranging from bronze to diamond sponsorship. Each sponsor will benefit from media exposure, access to talent as well as the latest startup ideas.