BOLT Hackathons

Launch your idea with BOLT during one of our hackathons

At BOLT Consultancy, we have extensive experience in organizing dynamic and impactful hackathons that foster innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving. Our hackathons bring together diverse talents and minds to tackle real-world challenges and drive meaningful change. With our proven track record, we are here to help you create a remarkable hackathon experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Join the Hackathon Movement: Are you ready to join the hackathon movement and be part of an extraordinary community of innovators? Stay tuned for upcoming hackathons organized by BOLT Consultancy. Together, let’s unlock the potential of collaboration and create solutions that shape the future.

Unleashing Creative Energy: Our hackathons serve as platforms for participants to unleash their creative energy and explore innovative solutions. We believe that by providing the right environment and resources, groundbreaking ideas can emerge and flourish.


Themes that Inspire: Each hackathon we organize revolves around carefully curated themes that align with current trends, industry demands, and societal needs. From healthcare to sustainability, technology to education, we tailor the themes to spark inspiration and attract participants who are passionate about making a difference.


Engaging Participants: We go beyond just organizing hackathons; we create an engaging and supportive environment for participants. Whether they are experienced professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, or students, we ensure that everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives. Dates and Logistics: Our hackathons are meticulously planned to provide an immersive experience for all participants. We carefully select the dates and venues to accommodate the needs of the hackathon, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the event and focus on ideation and collaboration.


Mentors and Experts: To enrich the hackathon experience, we provide access to a network of experienced mentors and experts who offer guidance, support, and valuable insights throughout the event. These seasoned professionals bring diverse expertise and industry knowledge, enhancing the participants’ learning and growth.


Driving Impactful Solutions: Our hackathons are not just about ideation; they are about driving impactful solutions. We facilitate the development and refinement of ideas, encouraging teams to create tangible prototypes, minimum viable products (MVPs), or innovative strategies. We celebrate the journey from ideation to execution.

Meet like-minded people as well as thought leaders in their fields. As a participant, you will interact with idea makers, developers and designers all interested in the same things as you.


Attend workshops offered by passionate mentors in the ecosystem. Courses from business modelling to pitching are offered for free at the event.

Work in your teams and learn the basics of rapid prototyping. Some of you will research, some will draw and others will put the presentation together. But you will all prototype!

Every team will go away with free perks from our tech, venue, food and general sponsors. The top 3 spots will be awarded special prizes at the event. Each event has different prizes offered by different sponsors.

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