“The Key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities” – Stephen Covey 


To start off with, what should NOT be on your To Do List? 

  1. Most probably the things that you know are a distraction (cleaning, organizing your desktop etc.) 
  2. What looks like a distraction probably is, clear it from the area
  3. The tasks that belong to those on your team or people you have contracted (learn to trust they will deliver) – the maximum thing to do is to follow up
  4. What you are paying people to do should be their responsibility, not yours
  5. Re-prioritizing your bread and butter in terms of priority, keep your eyes on the prize
  6. The matters that upset you (you know what they are…) 
  7. The unnecessary habits that you are used to doing but know you shouldn’t
  8. The things that can wait
  9. Leave the many balloons you are trying to hold on to

Mo Gawdat, Author of Solve for Happy – “Regardless of how immersed we become in the game of life, we all get through it. 

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We wake up some days feeling ULTRA productive and then others as if the third cup of coffee isn’t enough. This is normal, we need to normalize the ups and downs to refocus on what we can do with what we have. 

This is going to be a short article because you better get going on your priorities for today, go focus on you! 

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